Aviv Keller

Aviv Gad Keller's body of work consists of oil paintings and embroidery.
He has taken part in group exhibitions and has had a solo exhibition.
He works and lives in Jaffa, Israel.

He was educated at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design In Jerusalem and at the Hatahana Studio School for painting and drawing.

Aviv's embroidery work is a personal language that he has developed as a result his search for new means of expression. He regards it as a painting and uses the knowledge and tools he has acquired as a realistic painter. The needle takes the role of the paintbrush and the threads are used as the paint itself. Each work takes months to complete.

His subject matters are urban landscapes that he chooses from photos he takes. The images are transferred onto the canvas with a meticulous drawing. Once the image is laid out on the fabric the embroidery work starts. While he tries to stick with the original image he also takes it into a new, more liberated expressive realm.

The resulting work is detached from the common context and asks to create a hybrid from the future - a combination of past technique with the realistic painting trend which demands its place in the contemporary art scene.

Embroidery is a unique and exclusive language which took him years to develop, and that to the best of his knowledge, is not used by any other artists in his field. The embroidery is based on his work as a figurative painter and therefore the body of his work consists both of the long tradition of oil on canvas technique, as well as embroidery. (http://www.cyclamensandswords.com/aviv_keller_aug_2015.php)
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