Edith Waddell

My artwork is an exploration into the human psyche. I use elements taken from flora, fauna and my
own recurrent dreams to personify internal emotional conflicts on such subjects as phobia, genetic
experimentation, maternity, narcissism, seduction and spirituality. Fragments from the exterior
natural world, as well as our own internal emotional world, inspire the concepts in my work. This
conceptual material offers me a wellspring of symbolic language that allows me to compose
anthropomorphic floral arrangements and whimsical hybrid creatures.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint, although at times I have combined digital painting with
traditional painting, ink drawings, collage and printmaking. I play with the effects of bold, neon
vibrant colors in order to overtly express what is normally unspoken, taboo, or subconscious.

Through my hybrid imagery, I introduce a secret story, sometimes hidden in plain sight within the
overall composition. My goal is to make visible that which is overlooked, confronting the public with
the dark and mysterious aspects of their own psyches, emotional struggles, and their relationship
with the natural environment. My work is an invitation to make an introspective examination and
reflection into our own existence, both physical and spiritual. (http://edithwaddell.com/)
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