Jaybo Monk

Jaybo is an urban wanderer, a traveller that moves in the space of that unfinished metropolis, that is the world, among memories, fragments and traces abandoned in the urban landscape, that works like a theatre of the human joy and pain, studded with relationships that slide between first glances and deep emotions.

During this wandering, the painter meets the unexpected, what happens by chance, and is inspired by that accident that catches the eye and the brain, that incidental event, detail, word or shape that breaks in along the way and that he takes with him to the canvas.
Jaybo builds his poetics on these small accidents and unwanted mistakes that happen. He takes advantage of what happens at the wrong time, in the wrong place, his research in painting is about trying to be open to the unknown and to the accidental, without prejudices but with amazement and curiosity.

Since then Jaybo hasn’t stayed still and he has kept on exploring the creative world in every direction: he’s been involved in street theater and performances, he moved to fashion, founding the street wear company Irie Daily and he created a magazine, Style and the Family Tunes and then he embraced the canvas, a white square of creative freedom, where the painter loses and finds himself again and again, beyond starting a dialogue with the viewer.
Jaybo in his creative approach continues to be a runaway, never settling for what he already knows. He is on a constant journey across new techniques and new artistic practices, because art, as life, to him continues only if people take up the challenge of constant change.
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