Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau)1883-84 by John Singer Sargent

When the painting first appeared at the Paris Salon under the title Portrait de Mme *** in 1884, people were shocked and scandalized... At the time, her pose was considered sexually suggestive. As originally exhibited, one strap of her gown had fallen down her right shoulder, suggesting the possibility of further revelation... Later, Sargent overpainted the shoulder strap...In 1916, Sargent sold the painting to the Metropolitan Museum...

When Madame X was shown at the Salon of 1884 it became instantly a salacious painting and a scandal in French society as a result of its sexual suggestiveness of her pose and the pail pasty color of her skin. The "X" of Madame X was actually Madame Gautreau, whose reputation was apparently destroyed, and John left France shortly to never truly regain his former standing as the darling of Paris. Read the complete story at .
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Dimensions (h/w/d): 82 43 (208 110)
Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York