The Kroisos Kouros by Unknown

The Kroisos Kouros, in Parian marble, found in Anavyssos (Greece), dating from circa 530 BC, now exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The Kroisos Kouros (Ancient Greek: κοῦρος) is a marble kouros from Anavyssos in Attica which functioned as a grave marker for a fallen young warrior named Kroîsos (Κροῖσος). The free-standing sculpture strides forward with the "archaic smile" playing slightly on his face. The sculpture is dated to c. 540–515 BC and stands 1.95 meters high.

The inscription on the base of the statue reads: "Stop and show pity beside the marker of Kroisos, dead, whom, when he was in the front ranks, raging Ares destroyed". (
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