Tshedakmo, the ‘Mistress of Long Life’1300 by Unknown

Unknown Tibetan artist from Purang-Guge.

Also known as Dorje Chenmo (=Yulha of Tholing due to her role as protectress of Kadampa monasteries) she was tutelary deity of Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo who reestablished Buddhism in west Tibet in 10th & early 11th c. She grasps a thunderbolt & golden vase at her breast (symbol of long life&prosperity). A draped arrow ( མདའ་དར། ) in her left is ornamented with vulture feathers ( རྒོད་སྒྲོ། ), ribbons ( དར་སན། ) & metal mirror ( མེ་ལོང། ) with eyes ( མིག། ) used to ward off evil & attract fortune.
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Location: Buddhist cave temple of Mangdrak , Tibet