La vie mélangée (A Colorful Life)1907 by Wassily Kandinsky

This work, with Reitendes Paar (Couple on horseback), closes the set of paintings realized between 1902-07, which Kandinsky names colorful drawings. Impressed with nostalgia, they evoke the distant past where figures of old Russia, old Germany or even Biedermeier.
Painted during his stay in Paris, it is an excuse to use folkloric figures and legends, which the painter mixes here with more modern characters, lively and luminous against a dark background, and the citadel of the Kremlin in the background with its colorful towers and domes. The rider, the couple in love, the holy brothers entwined, will reappear in multiple forms coded in his later work.
In 1914, Kandinsky said of this painting: "... where the main challenge was to restore disorder between the masses, the spots and the lines, I used an aerial perspective in order to superimpose the figures. To order according to my wish... (
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