Born in 1942 in Ro Ferrarese, Italy, Riccardo Adelchi-Mantovani began as a machinist before moving to Berlin in 1966 to study painting at evening classes while continuing to work in a factory.

Drawing his energy from the heart of this vibrant city, he acquired and developed painting techniques that lead to his first exhibition in 1977 at Galerie Taube.

Mantovani was finally recognized as being a professional painter invited to exhibit at the gallery in Berlin Kommunale.

Inspired by the painting of the 15th century but also surrealism, the artist uses these two movements to give free rein to his fantasy world, full of allegories and fables. Through his paintings, Mantovani expresses his inner world, a dream world, the story of his life, his obsessions, or the theme of childhood.

His works are regularly exhibited in Europe and today make him an artist renowned for the quality of his pictorial production. (
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