Adriana Johanna Haanen

Adriana Johanna Haanen (Oosterhout, 14 June 1814 - Oosterbeek, 8 Oct. 1895); Dutch painter.

...Haanen was known in domestic circles as Naatje, she signed her work as Adriana Haanen or AH. She was best known for her still lifes with flowers and fruits. She taught Anna Abrahams and Christina Alida Blijdenstein.

...In the early 1960s, Haanen moved to the artists' community in Oosterbeek. She moved in with her friend, the painter Maria Vos. In 1870 they had Villa Grada built. In 1884, she received the honorary membership of the Utrecht Art Society for her 70th birthday. The painter died in 1895, aged 81.
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Like many female artists at that time, Adriana Haanen came from a real painters’ family. Her father Casparis Haanen, art dealer and painter, had 4 children: George Gilles, Remigius, Elisabeth Alida and Adriana (two other daughters died at a young age.) All four of them were artistically talented and became successful painters in various genres.... However, nowadays, the work of Adriana, who specialized in still lifes, is valued the most on an international level.

Remarkably, little has been written about the life of Adriana Haanen. She was taught by her father and from 1841 she exhibited regularly at the Exhibitions of Living Masters in Amsterdam and The Hague, as well as in Antwerp, Brussels, Bremen and Paris. From 1845, she was an honorary member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam, where she settled three years later in order to live and work. In 1862, at the Exhibition in...

She never married.

...Her work was certainly appreciated by her contemporaries. This is evident not only from the considerable prices she could ask for her paintings...

...She is the aunt of the painter Cecil van Haanen...
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