Cardboard Walls2013 by Aernout Mik

Aernout Mik’s film Cardboard Walls, 2013, shows the aftermath of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011. With what is left of their belongings, the victims in the film are forced to live in a barrack that is provisionally compartmentalized by cardboard walls. Transformed into a small replica of the video scene, the gallery space integrates the viewer in a labyrinth of such walls, with some chairs dispersed throughout the space. The work is silent, and is shown on two screens hovering in the middle of the room. When the visitor sits down, the walls almost hit eye level, sparking an immediate connection to the victims onscreen. There, too, people sit in their cardboard compartments, peering over their walls or reading a book, playing card games or taking a nap. The activities are strikingly unspectacular. But boredom gradually turns into collective frustration and control disintegrates when, in a domino-like..
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