"Albane’s imagination unfolds in a world of strange, surrealist figures. Mixing vintage and fantasy, she stages apocalyptic themes within whimsical settings packed with evocative details, creating a style in which antique tragedy and futurist delirium intertwine.

An unconditional lover of Hip-hop, Albane seeks her inspiration from primary sources. The ndependent labels of the Californian coast have become the post-modern muses of her first creations. In return, she has produced a number of timeless collages to illustrate concert posters as well as the albums of international artists whose rhythms have inspired her work.

Imagine a world where linear time has lost all relevance. A place where past memories and future visions dance in a familiar present gone awry, this is where nightmares collide with lucid clarity. Touching on topics diverse as : ecology, science, architecture and spirituality… Welcome to the land of eminent art of Albane, the surreal collagist."

"There is an inherent subversion in the act of collaging: images are isolated and recast in new narratives, thereby twisting and contorting their meaning. As such, the medium offers fertile soil for visual storytelling. A new generation of artists—including French illustrator Albane Simon—is pushing pastiches to their outer limits. Based in Paris, Simon creates animated collages using photographs and drawings that have already yellowed with age. Currents of surrealism run through each story as fish fly through the sky and cymbals orbit an exposed brain. Though the juxtapositions alone are striking in their defiance of reason, rationality, and physics, the animations redirect the storylines, which sink even deeper into the world of fantasy."
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