Camilla Uytman1956 by Alberto Morrocco

DR CAMILLA Uytman, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, artist and campaigner, died on 20 March after falling ill on a return flight from London to Edinburgh. She was 75.

Camilla was the daughter of the late Professor John Walton, at one time Professor of Botany at Glasgow University. Born in Cambridge, but brought up in Glasgow and educated at Laurel Bank School there, she embarked on a medical degree at Glasgow University in 1941. While at university, she met Dr John Uytman: and, after graduating she married him. In due course, John and Camilla moved to Dundee, where they both practised as psychiatrists. It was in that city that Camilla and John Uytman brought up their two children, Mandy and Donald, in a uniquely warm, very outgoing and deeply committed (albeit somewhat unconventional) family environment...
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Media: oil on canvas