Alice Steer Wilson

USA / 1926 - 2001 / /
In 1974, she wrote her statement on the back of a painting . . . .

"In case my paintings are ever “discovered” after I’m dead, here is my statement of what I was trying to do. I loved the appearance of things, light particularly, and I tried to copy it as accurately as I could, leaving out what was boring and exaggerating what I liked. Why I loved certain sites better than others, I never knew, and neither do the people who are explaining it to you now.”
Alice S. Wilson (1974)

Alice Steer Wilson was born on November 8, 1926 and she died on July 22, 2001. That October, the man who inherited the painting above contacted Janice Wilson Stridick. He said, “There’s a message behind the frame.” Alice’s words, hidden for thirty-three years, urged Janice–a poet and curator of her mother’s art–to devote herself to the legacy of her mother’s art. Many original paintings await discovery.
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