Bunny Vanitas by Alice Toich

... lusciously-painted and fleshy cakes are paraded across the canvas as a metaphor for sugar-coating the hard truths we need to swallow in our day-to-day lives as individuals within a greater community grappling with conflicting personal and political agendas. Toich uses the saccharine allure of desserts to expose deeper political agendas at play in our current socio-political climate.... Toich’s opulent paintings and installation pieces draw inspiration from a life of contrast and conflict for South Africans: “poverty and privilege, the past and the present, the political powers and the power of the people, the willingness to hope and the apathy of continual tragedy.” (http://www.missmoss.co.za/2016/10/13/alice-toich-icing-pink-ether/)
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