Alma Mary Duncan (Oct. 2, 1917 – Dec. 15, 2004); Canadian painter, graphic artist, and filmmaker from Paris, Ontario. A prolific artist working in a variety of mediums including charcoal, chalk pastel, ink, watercolor, oil paint, puppetry, and film, Duncan's style evolved drastically over the course of her career to include portraiture, precise representational drawings, machine aesthetic, and abstraction.

Born in the southern Ontario town of Paris, but attended high school in Hamilton, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Alma's father, John Duncan, was a textile-firm engineer, exposing Alma to textile factories and influencing her interest in pattern and combinations of realism and abstraction in her later artwork. Though largely self-taught as an artist, she studied with Canadian painter Adam Sheriff Scott as a teenager. Duncan made use of her drawing skills at a commercial art studio from 1936-43, where she drew products for mail-order catalogues, revealing the precision that would show up in other work such as her anatomical drawings at McGill University, where she studied Political Economy. Duncan continued to take life-drawing and portraiture courses in this early stage of her career with Ernst Neumann at the Roberts-Neumann School of Art, which was located in the same building as the commercial art studio, as well as with Goodridge Roberts at the Art Association of Montreal....

In 1970, Canada Post commissioned Alma Duncan to design stamps....

Alma died on December 15, 2004, after living with Alzheimer's disease for nearly 10 years.
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