Amadeo De Souza Cardoso

"I do not follow any art schools. The schools are all dead. We, the new ones, seek originality. I am Impressionist, Cubist, Futurist, abstractionist. A little bit of everything."
These are the words of Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza Cardoso in a 1916 interview in the Lisbon newspaper O dia -- and how right he was....

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso was born in Manhufe (Amarante) and died in Espinho, north of Portugal. In 1906, he left for Paris where he began working as a draftsman and caricaturist. He became acquainted with frontline artists such as Modigliani, Brancusi, Juan Gris, Max Jacob, Sónia and Robert Delaunay, among others.

In 1913 he entered the famous exhibition Armory Show in New York and exhibited in Galeria Der Sturm, in Berlin. Amadeo was among the most commercially successful exhibitors at the Armory Show, as he sold 7 of the 8 works he showed there.

Amadeo met Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona in 1914, and then left for Madrid, where World War I was already underway. He then returned to Portugal where he married Lucie Meynardi Peccetto....

Between 1915 and 1916 he became friends with the Sonia and Robert Delaunay who sought exile in Portugal and, by this time, he became an active member of the Portuguese avant-garde group Orpheu. During this period he exhibited in Lisbon and in Porto. In his oeuvre, there are evident influences of artistic movements emerging during this time, such as cubism, dadaism, abstractionism and expressionism.

On October 25, 1918, he died, at age 30, in Espinho, of Spanish flu.

Even considering his very short life span, Souza-Cardoso was an artist who left an indelible milestone on the history of modern art in Portugal, thanks to his committed and prolific activity, as well as his embrace of the fresh ideas in the art scene of the time, having been inspired by many of the leading art movements of his time.
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