Andrzej Wróblewski

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Andrzej Wróblewski was one of Poland's most outstanding and most independent post-war artists. He created his own individual, highly suggestive, and prolific formula of figurative painting that continued to inspire and became a reference point for several generations of artists who came after him.

Andrzej Wróblewski (15 June 1927 - 23 March 1957); Polish figurative painter who died in a mountaineering accident in 1957 when he was only 29. He is recognized by many as one of Poland's most prominent artists in the early post World War II era, creating a distinctly individualistic approach to representational art.

...Wróblewski's earliest paintings were very much Capist in spirit such as Martwa natura z dzbanem (Still life with a vase), in 1946). Early in his career, towards the end of the 1940s, he began to rebel against the dominant colorist style propagated in academic circles in Poland during this period and at the 1st Exhibition of Modern Art at Kraków in 1948 he was recognized as a painter exhibiting some original spatial forms. It was important to Wróblewski to indulge in art work that was contrary to popular techniques and style in Poland at the time....

Between 1947 and 1948 Wroblewski focused on experimentation in oil paintings and gouaches developing a unique means of expression, whilst remaining open to the influences of modern artist styles such as surrealism, abstract art, and geometric art), which in turn affected the nature of other talented artists in Kraków. His canvasses of this period frequently include geometric figures Niebo nad Gorami (The Sky over the Mountains), Niebo Niebieskie (Blue Blue Sky) in 1948; Segmenty, (1949).
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