Ann Wyeth McCoy

USA / 1915 - 2005
Ann Wyeth McCoy was born on March 15, 1915 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA. She died on November 10, 2005 in Pennsylvania. (

Ann Wyeth McCoy (1915-2005) grew up immersed in music. A musician and composer, she married artist John W. McCoy, and had three children: two daughters who became painters and a son who is a film-maker. Ann began painting seriously after her children were grown.

“I never studied with anyone. My work is completely personal. I paint things in my house that I love - views through my windows; I paint my own life, that's all.” (

Surrounded by a long heritage of artistic tradition, Ann Wyeth McCoy is the youngest daughter of illustrator N.C. Wyeth. With the great emphasis on the arts during Ann’s childhood, she not only chose to paint but also to study music. Like many members of the Wyeth family, Ann McCoy pursued her own career in art and has created a reputation for herself as a painter. Her paintings are personal portraits of the world around her and are included in many public collections, including the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. In 1998, McCoy’s paintings were exhibited at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, in the show Wyeth: Three Generations. (
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