Anna Alma-Tadema

Anna Alma-Tadema; British artist, daughter of painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Created drawings and paintings of portraits, interior scenes, flowers and buildings. Influenced by her father, and showed her works at exhibitions with her father and step-mother, Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema. Her work was shown at national exhibitions, like the Royal Academy of Arts, and the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago where she won a prize. She also won a medal at the 1889 Paris exhibition.

Alma-Tadema painted portraits, like Miss Tessa Gosse. This and other works, like The Misty Valley and The Gold Room, were shown at the Royal Academy of Arts. Also made paintings of flowers, pencil and chalk portraits, and watercolors of house interiors and buildings.

... Alma-Tadema was described by biographer Helen Zimmern as a "delicate, dainty artist who has inherited so much of her father's power for reproducing detail."

She exhibited works in England from 1885-1928. In 1889 she won a medal at the Paris exhibition. She exhibited The Idler's Harvest at the Royal Academy in 1898....

She was committed to women's right to vote and signed the Some Supporters of the Women's Suffrage Movement in 1897. Neither Anna Alma-Tadema nor her sister married. They were poor and did not have successful careers in their later years.

The two Alma-Tadema sisters never married – in fact, Laurence, a writer, wrote a short poem, “If No One Ever Marries Me” in 1897. The two sisters reputedly lived in poverty and obscurity after their father’s death, which is unfortunate given their talent and promise. To help pull Anna’s work out of obscurity, I’ll be more careful and specific when I label something by one of the Alma-Tadema painters. Even in writing this post, I found several paintings by Laura and Anna which were attributed to Lawrence (something another blogger lamented back in 2011!).
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