Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Library in Townshend House, London1884 by Anna Alma-Tadema

According to the art critics of the day, the rooms in Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s Townsend House, his home near St. Regent’s Park, could be considered a portrait of the artist, a celebrated painter of Greek and Roman themes. In this cozy library interior, painted in 1884 by Alma-Tadema’s daughter, we see: a fur-covered couch and a bronze chandelier, designed by Alma-Tadema; a Japanese lantern or parasol on the ceiling, Japanese tatami matting on the floor; a palm leaf fan, peacock feathers, and batik fabric, all from Indonesia; and Dutch oak cabinetry, denoting the place of Alma-Tadema’s birth. This unique interior, like all the rooms in Townshend House, expressed the genius of its creator.

This exquisite watercolor was created by Anna Alma-Tadema when she was 15 years old. The following year, she painted 2 views of Townshend House’s Gold Room, one of which is in the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and the other... (
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