Annemarie Busschers

Netherlands / °1970
Annemarie Busschers (1970) lives and works in The Netherlands. 
She received her formal training at the Academie Minerva, the Fine Arts Academy at Hanze University Groningen in art and graphic techniques.

Busschers’ search and finds of her subjects are not random. She chooses just as her personal life develops. She started making portraits after the birth of her son, and after that she focused on children of friends and acquaintances. She kept focusing on the skin though. Later she involved grown-ups as well in her work. In these ‘mature’ works, special features acquired during life, started to emerge and were elaborated on in her paintings. Again she demonstrated her own fascination with skin. The textures and shades, irregularities, birthmarks, scars and imperfections are all replicated in unabashed detail. 

She takes photographs of her models and studies the photographs in painstaking detail. After that, she starts to ‘construct’ the face anew. They are painted, but they are also constructed in layers.

Busschers' portraits are built of a variety of materials: acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, epoxy, wood, wax, paper, felt and even linen on the canvas. The result is far more powerful and textured than a portrait of mere pencil or paint or pastels on canvas or paper. Her works emerge like scientific, almost minute studies. Therefore, she only works in big formats.

The received appreciation resulted into a shift towards, as one might say, working on commission: portraying more or less famous persons. After some time, Busschers concluded that person and status hindered the creation of a portrait. 

"The art of portraying has its roots in showing important people, fondling their egos by making them more beautiful than they really are, as an accepted modus. 
Externalities are not being shown prettier as they really are. But still, regarding portraying kings and important people, not much has changed since...
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