Anton Josef Trčka (Antios)

Austria / Czech Republic / 1893 - 1940 / wikipedia /
Anton Josef Trčka; September 7, 1893 – March 16, 1940); Austrian-born Czech photographer and poet. In his time, he was a highly regarded photographer and was known for his portraits. He signed his portraits with the name "Antios," a combination of his first and middle names. His photographs of his contemporaries, painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele are some of the only surviving examples of his work. (

...Not only is he forgotten, today, he hardly even existed in the consciousness of the contemporary art scene of his time.

He was so little the conformist as a poet, painter and photographer that he never belonged to any group and almost never found an opportunity for exhibition or publication. And yet within a small circle of painters, dancers and writers he was considered a brilliant portraitist. Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and many others held his paintings in high regard and recommended them to friends, who preserved them during their emigration. Prints of his drawings and copies of his poems were passed along. After Trckas death in 1940, his atelier was a refuge for the ostracised spiritual movement of anthroposophy in Vienna. In 1944 a bomb there destroyed almost his entire life's work.

The widely scattered items that survived have now been brought together for the first time. The artistic works created between 1912 and 1930 allow us to reconstruct the personality of this artist, who throughout his life wavered between the influence of art in Vienna and that of the Bohemian homeland of his family. The expressive language of Egon Schiele can be found in Trckas photography side by side with Symbolist echoes and motifs from Czech folklore....

Trcka experimented with new photographic techniques. Some of his pictures were produced both in silver bromide and bromoil prints, and thus as mirror images. Often the background of the negative was ...
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