Antonia Vogelzang

Netherlands / 1875 - 1943
Described as an amateur painter active in Haarlem, whose primary subject was flower still lifes.
(Apparently) active in Haarlem and Den Haag from 1921-1930
Born: Haarlem 1875-02-03

Daughter of the lithographer Frans Vogelzang (1847-98) and of Lijsbeth Tauber. On 5 March 1894 Antonia married Bauke Haga, who was born on 15 April 1869 in Semarang and was the son of Anthonie and Ernestina Karolina Maria Ida Labaar. Bauke died on 31-1-1943 (announcement Jacqueline Raeven 2014). After her divorce, registered on Dec. 29, 1900, she remarried on 12-08-1914 in Melick with Richard Aloïsius Ferdinand Botter (? -Gasor 22-2-1919) (source: Gelders Archief).

This same site also states, in contradiction to the above, that her death could have taken place between 1935-1940; probably before 1940.
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Apparently a number of people own paintings by Vogelsang.
"Also in our family a total of 3 paintings of which 2 in my possession. One with sunflowers from 1922 and one with dried sunflowers, without a date. Antonia Vogelzang lived in The Hague at that time. My grandmother bought some of her paintings, but Antonia stopped when she noticed that my grandmother sold them for more than she paid."
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