Antonín Chittussi

Bohemia / Czech Republic / 1847 - 1891 / wikipedia /
Antonín Chittussi (1 December 1847, in Ronov nad Doubravou – 1 May 1891, in Prague); Czech Impressionist landscape and cityscape painter. (

Though exhibiting outstanding talent as an artist, by the time he was 21, Antonin Chittussi had dropped out of 2 art schools and been expelled from a third. All 3 episodes were the direct result of conflicts with his instructors as to how and what they taught. Antonin Chittussi was born in 1847 in the small town of Ronov nad Doubravou, located in almost the exact geographical center of what is now the Czech Republic. Today, the town's Chittussi Square is named for him.... At first, Antonin was expected to follow in the family business. However, he displayed such an aptitude for art, he came to be noticed by his grammar school teachers. As a result, he was sent to nearby Kutná Hora where he studied drawing with Frantisek Bohumír Zvěřina.

...Chittussi arrived in Paris shortly before the "Fourth Impressionist Exhibition", but was not ready to accept what he saw. Eventually, though, he concluded that most of his earlier work had "been in vain." In 1880, he rented a small studio and began to work on absorbing the new Impressionist style. The following year, he exhibited at the Salon. Although successful, by 1884 Chittussi was ready to return home where he held an auction of his previous works at the Hôtel Drouot. He soon discovered an area in Southern Bohemia that inspired him to paint. Shortly after, he settled near Člunek along the southern border of the Czech Republic. However, in 1887, he began developing health problems, which were believed to be related to the time he spent outdoors, painting during inclement weather. He gradually grew weaker and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In an effort to stop the disease's progress, he went to the Tatra Mountains along the northern border of ...
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