Antonio Lopez Garcia

Spain / °1936 / wikipedia /
"...Spanish painter and sculptor, known for his realistic style. He is criticized by some art critics for neo-academism, but praised by others, like Robert Hughes, who consider him a master realist. His style sometimes is deemed hyperrealistic. His painting was the subject of the film El Sol del Membrillo, by Victor Erice, in 1992.

... born 6 January 1936 in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, a few months before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

...The beauty of López García's work begins with an appreciation of his craft. Paintings such as The Sideboard (1965–66), or the atmospheric views of Madrid from the 1970s show an acute perception and understanding of the beauty of the objects he portrays.

Though López García is devoted to the mundane—he depicts humble people, buildings, plants, and cluttered interiors—his portrayal of these subjects is compelling and beautiful. Starkly lit studies of his studio, bathroom, and the red brick wall in his backyard underscore an interest in prosaic subject matter. His deftness brings attention to these simple forms, encouraging the viewer to re-examine the presence of ordinary objects.

As the artist explains, "the pictorial nucleus begins to grow and you work until the whole surface has an expressive intensity equivalent to what you have before you, converted into a pictorial reality." Source: Wikipedia

"Throughout his career, Spanish realist artist Antonio Lopez Garcia painted a number of interiors scenes. Most of these works show the less cared inhabitants of interior rooms: humble toilets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and old household appliances, obsessively described in their mundane details without obliterating their imperfections, dirt and decay. A complete absence of rhetorics informs the paintings, the artist providing a plain, detached look which investigate carefully into the inner living of found places."
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