Antonio Possenti

Antonio Possenti (Lucca, January 11, 1933 - Lucca, July 28, 2016); Italian painter and teacher.

"I remember a foreword by Aldo Busi on a catalog of an exhibition in which, describing the master after a meeting, described him as friendly and calm, nothing to do with the cliché of the tormented artist, proud and triumphant …. 'Possenti is one that looks back and like himself but is not delight'… In fact, as for greatest, despite awards, prizes and loyal and devotees collectors all over the world, Antonio Possenti has always maintained humility and sobriety, aware of his immense skill and culture, but with an attitude almost justification for having this ”privilege … His value is equal to his modesty.

Antonio Possenti was born in Lucca in 1933, he became as a child, thanks to a culturally vibrant family, a reader hungry and insatiable. The reading was the comfort during the war, becoming the companion of a lifetime. Self-taught artist (law degree ), became interested in drawing at an early age, a fantastic design and satirical, a medium to observe the ”human comedy.” A great traveler, books and travel have marked his life and therefore his work; cartoonist, after Maccari, in the pages of the weekly “The World” and illustrator of several volumes of the series "The Bridge.” Since 1960 devoted himself to painting, receiving national and international recognition, as well as exposing the main Italian and foreign galleries.

Once Possenti said that if he did the lawyer would not have won even a cause, well, that conviction was our luck, because as an artist, the result was great!

Without irony is difficult to survive in this life … , Possenti has understood this and has drawn the best lesson for all. (
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