Georgia O’Keeffe, Ghost Ranch, N.M1968 by Arnold Newman

For a rare portrait of O’Keeffe in color, Arnold Newman moved the artist’s white easel from the Ghost Ranch studio and placed it outside, so that its lines merged with the distant cliffs. She posed in profile against the easel with a skull centered over her head and the blue skies beyond. In 1946, when Newman photographed O’Keeffe together with Stieglitz in New York City, she wore her customary black. When Newman came to New Mexico 22 years later for this sitting, she wore denim, a fabric she wore casually around the house but not, except for this instance, for professional photographers. Perhaps Newman requested denim because he liked his photographs to relate to his sitter’s reputation and popular identity, in this case, an imagined “cowgirl” of the Wild West.

Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego
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