Arnoud Van Mosselveld

Every painting is a struggle. The beginning is always full of optimism and confidence, but in the subsequent phases it appears again and again that each portrait demands its own independent creative process. It is only good if it is good. That means: an interesting painting that invites the viewer to be viewed. But also: well-affected. No photo, but the direct recognition of the person portrayed. It is the challenge to find and capture the true personality of the subject.

After almost 20 years of being the secretary of management of a large Chamber of Commerce, I really had to do something else. A person may not leave unused the talents he is given. That has also been a big struggle: giving up certainty for the uncertain. But it is the conviction that makes the difference. In the end it was not a choice. The roles were reversed: the master in law now was forced to become a master painter.

The first portrait was created more or less by chance in 2002: a large painting of mother and child. The result was so successful that it was immediately clear that a new way had opened up here. A whole series of portraits would follow. The pleasure in painting and the long-standing love for making pictures of people eventually coincided in the painted portrait.
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