Arturo Hernández Alcazar

Lives and works between Mexico City, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. He works in installations, drawings and photographic interventions. He is interested in the remains of a disused everyday life accumulate: dust, debris, and ruin. By recycling materials and products that have been discarded, he provides them with an unusual situation in which the economic value transforms and reinterprets its symbolic value.

Arturo attended Mexico’s prestigious art school La Esmeralda (1996-2001) in addition to studying with the Autonomous National University of Mexico’s Philosophy Department (1996 - 1998) and at the Centro de la Imagen (2003). He has collaborated and exhibited with various independent projects and alternative spaces such as Casa Emergente (Cuernavaca, Mexico), Laalvaca (Puebla, Mexico), Noordkaap Werkstaat (Dordrecht, Netherlands), Ignacio Mejía (Paris), Temporary Home (Kassel), Archivo en Proceso (Mexico), Bordermates (Uruguay-Mexico), Dusseldorf Academy, and Am_Phoenix, Berlin. His work has been shown in international museums and galleries such as the 5th edition of the Moscow Biennial; the 10th edition of the Istanbul Biennial; the University Museum of Contemporary Art (Mexico City); the San Francisco Art Institute; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the Amparo Museum (Mexico); the Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris; the Museum of Modern Art (Mexico); and with Galerie Dukan at ZONA MACO Art Fair 2013. He currently shows with Vadehra Art Gallery in New Delhi, India, Le Laboratoire in Mexico City (solo show Horizonte Roto) and Marso Gallery in Mexico City.
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