Aryeh Lubin

USA / 1897 - 1980 / wikipedia
Arieh (Leo) Lubin (Hebrew: אריה לובין‎, born 1897, died 1980) was an Israeli artist.

In 1915, Lubin studied in Chicago, but stopped studying to join the Jewish Brigade in World War I. Following the war, he studied in Europe, returning to Israel in 1922.
In some of his works, Arieh Lubin reflects contemporary trends of the 1920s. His main influences were Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse. The Cubism of Derain, The Purism of Le Corbusier and Ozenfant- these and other influences he absorbed through the pages of "L'Esprit Nouveau" (the new spirit), a journal he ordered from Paris.

In a country virtually isolated form the centers of culture and information, the striving of the Eretz Israel artists of the 1920s to draw on international sources was unique. He was one of the first Israeli artists to settle in the artists quarter of Safed. Lubin died in Tel Aviv in 1980 and was buried in the Trumpeldor Cemetery.

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