Ffter receiving his BFA in film from UCLA, Chicago-born Barry Kite spent the next 5 years traveling overseas. Returning to the San Francisco Bay area, he wrote and performed his own style of surreal poetry in local coffee houses. Renewing his interest in collage, he combined photographic and hand-coloring techniques to create the foundation of his current work.

The exclusive use and alteration of found imagery is a natural extension of found poetry and the basis for what he considers his visual poems.

Barry Kite’s style of social and political parody via the “re-positioning” of art historical and contemporary media imagery has won him several art competition awards and placed his work in numerous private and corporate collections.

Under his studio name, Aberrant Art, Barry Kite’s work can be found on an extensive line of note cards and greeting cards. Several calendars and 3 books of his work have been published by Pomegranate Communications, Portland, Oregon. (

"...crazy collages of insanely talented artist Barry Kite, who butchers famous classical paintings to create postmodern parodies geared for the sophisticated men and women who like something a little different from the norm.

Barry Kite does not however call himself an artist. Instead, he claims to be a “recontextualist and art thief”. Combining his artistic eye with his unrelenting sense of humor, Kite constructs collages that create various absurd rendezvous between historical art icons and internet memes.

Here’s what Kite has to say about his amazingly weird artwork: “My works are narratives. The challenge is to tell a story without words: using images, colors, composition. Only the words in the title are permitted to assist, or provoke, or mislead the viewer–drawing on that part of the brain dealing with abstraction.” (

The twisted collages of American artist Barry Kite, who diverts the famous mast
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