Originally from Poland, Beata Chrzanowska has lived most of her life in Chicago. She got her BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where she studied Integrated Studio Arts with a focus in painting and drawing the human form. Since then she has migrated to New York where she continues an active career in the arts painting from her studio in Queens.

Before her move to New York she had participated in multiple shows and organizations all around Milwaukee. Among those were Jackpot Gallery, Foxglove Gallery, Gallery M, and the Borg Ward. In New York she had the opportunity to work for artist Mickalene Thomas on her Brooklyn Museum and Lehmann Maupin shows and Jeff Sonhouse on his Jack Tilton show. She also had the chance to show at Fowler Arts Collective, ArtHelix, Gallery Bar, Studio 200 and recently had her third solo at Contesta.

Beata's works are compositionally, chromatically and geometrically conscious. They are puzzles that she builds from a single figurative line drawing. Once the first colors are placed, every additional color is affected until a compositional balance is created. The work exists to demonstrate a non-traditional execution of the flesh and sexuality, arising attention to the moments she finds most intriguing and inviting the audience to experience that same driven thrill through the femme.
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