Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman1930,1950 by Berenice Abbott

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman. Negative, c. 1930. Distortion, c. 1950.

An American photographer, Berenice Abbott was a central figure in and important bridge between the photographic circles and cultural hubs of Paris and New York. She was born in Springfield, Ohio, and in 1918 moved to New York, where she studied sculpture independently, meeting and making vital connections with Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, leaders of the American avant-garde. In 1921, Abbott moved to Paris and continued her study of sculpture there and, later, in Berlin, before returning to Paris and becoming an assistant at the Man Ray Studio, where she would master photography. Her first solo show was at the gallery Le Sacre du Printemps in Paris in 1926 and featured portraits of the Parisian avant-garde, a practice she continued throughout her years in Paris, as in James Joyce (MoMA 1598.2001).
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Dimensions (h/w/d): 13 10 (33 26)
Location: The Museum of Modern Art , New York