The work of this French artist (born in 1949 in Chatillon-sur-Seine, lives in Paris and Burgundy) belongs in many regards to the period of art in exhibition. In 1984 for example he declared: "I make exhibitions: I don't produce images, I don't have a studio".

Active on the art scene since 1970, Lavier has in fact essentially formulated and developed his work inside the space and forms of the exhibition. Even if their parts can be dissociated, his numerous exhibitions always take the form statements that are more than solely the contingent sum of their elements and always globally formulate a formal and conceptual situation.

For these reasons, the question of a retrospective perspective on his work involves the re-interpretation (the reactivation) of its successive configurations and systems of display. Hence the project of this retrospective of exhibitions, rather than a re-arranged series of pieces.

...The case of Lavier asks different questions and suggest different answers. The re-staging of exhibitions does not impose a literal topographic reconstruction, nor does it requires to bring together all the original pieces. These can also be remade, like the exhibition itself. Indeed, it's in this perspective that the exhibition entitled "5 pièces faciles" (5 easy pieces) (1980) will be reproduced at Mamco with 5 works from 2001.

In the same way, we will not follow chronological order: all the exhibitions re-staged here constitute together a meta-exhibition where synchronic reality prevails over diachronic dimension. Therefore, inside the body of work selected ­apart for "Polish" (1976) ­it would probably be difficult and rather irrelevant to attempt to create chronological sequences that would "necessarily" separate pieces within the development of the work over time, since B.Lavier has never ceased for the past 20 years to displace and disturb this kind of approach and logic of production. The question ... (
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