"Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little covers the human body in honey and captures the sweet, sticky results. The series is titled Preservation, and it features images of nude or barely-clothed models that are coated from head to toe in the amber-colored liquid. This simple act seems to transform the subject from an animated figure to a sculpture frozen in place.

After pouring buckets of honey onto the models, Little allows the substance a moment to flow and dribble. The viscous goo cascades from its forms and creates long, elegant drips that both exaggerates and elongates the figures’ poses. Since honey is a shiny liquid, it encases the bodies so that while we still see the people, they are often unrecognizable as the glossiness diffuses the finer details. Watch the video [see link below] to see how the images were created (this contains some nudity).

Little's alluring photographs are featured in a book about the project, also titled Preservation, that will be released on February 28. There’s an accompanying gallery show at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles from March 7 to April 18 of this year."
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