Bradley Wood

Working from the position of the outsider, painting from his studio, Wood plays out fictitious fantasies on canvas in a voyeuristic view of lives lived inside the walls of his neighbors’ homes. Informed by the intimate interior scenes of the Nabis, his loosely handled paintings bring mannerisms and gestures to life in a visceral portrayal of his protagonists. Opulent and almost filmic in quality, domestic fictions and settings surrender to the weight of varied brushstrokes, intense colors and heavy embellishment. Within the painterly narrative of each story there are obvious and defining symbols, visual clues that encourage an immediate response and understanding in the viewer. However, a freedom of form, pace and of what lies beneath and outside of the frame charges the paintings with a distinct sense of the unknown.
-Sim Smith (

Like scenes from a soap opera, the figures in Wood’s cinematic tableaux brood, repose and daydream from inside lushly rendered rooms. Dark, slick swaths of oil paint heighten the drama of these interiors, which seem to unfold directly from the characters’ own mysterious interior lives.
-Rachel Corbett (

Born: Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, 1970

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Art Center Europe, Vevey, Switzerland
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