Bruno Streich

Bruno Streich (born 1964, Zurich, Switzerland) is a Swiss artists based in Zurich. He holds a degree in Aerospace engineering and formerly taught as a docent at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH Zurich - as well as several other international colleges.

Streich has exhibited widely since 2012, his first solo exhibition taking place in 2012 at the A|B|Contemporary Gallery in Zurich.

Bruno Streichs works are based on his expertise on aerospace technology and lightweight construction. Bruno Streich shows interactive sculptural reductions in a twilight zone between form and function.

Bruno Streich works at the interface between science and art. He works with the attitude and the technical aids of an engineer and builds his structures by hand in his studio near Zurich.

Streich moves beyond mere formal allusions to aerospace technology by integrating interactive sound elements into his sculptures that occupy the space of the gallery. The visitor is invited to engage with the works by banging on, touching or simply aproaching the sculptures, thus activating sounds at different calibers that originate from actual space recordings.
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