Burry Buermans

Burry Buermans, is a Belgian artist (°1982) based in Portugal. As a child he had a curious eye for art and the innocent dream to become an artist one day. He didn’t go to art school but always experimented with different art forms. For a long time he was looking for his own style and medium until he randomly ended up making collages. His life motto is “Chase your dreams, wherever they take you”, so he collected old Trabant cars, started a theatre company, organized and decorated his own parties, and hitchhiked around the world. During one of his trips in Panama, Latin America, he was shot by robbers. This shocking event strengthened his passion for life even more. Back in Belgium he worked as a teacher and coordinated a youth service. In the summer of 2012, he moved to Portugal to focus on his work as an artist, making collages, and fulfilling his dream.
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