Byoungho Kim

Art is often strongly correlated with emotion. Byoungho Kim, however, develops his work through rational systems and normative organization. His main formal focus is the harmony of three-dimensional installations with the space surrounding them. Kim emphasizes the importance of society in the conception of art. He also focuses on his interest in society and politics through the lens of harmonious relationships.
Kim’s work is a modularization of collective factors in art and society, visually reflected through a rational and systematical mode of harmonization. Through his work, Kim tries to show the value of various factors, regardless of their scale or individual significance. This is somewhat similar to how an engineer assembles small parts to make a final product. These parts may seem small in scale, but the system would not be complete without them. He says that the modularized process of fastening and rotation is reflected in his pieces. Kim presents his work as a material product of such processes - and also himself as a module within societal relationships.
Byoungho Kim’s art works are based on the relationships formed while cooperating with many others; he therefore objectifies the group effort as a certain type of module. Every work of Byoungho Kim is made through the harmonization of sensitivity and rationality. The work reflects his perception of the relationships between art and society, and among all individual concepts within society.
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