In the “Wonderful World of Artistism”, CÄäT tirelessly relates her adventures and encounters in her notebooks, either on canvas or paper. Her pictorial universe is full of mysterious characters— brightly coloured half-humans, half-animals and half-vegetables. None of them leave room to spare. Their long and tangled arms, and the colorful and intertwined bubbles invade every corner of the narrative space.

A graduate in illustration and comics from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, CÄäT published around ten books as the author-illustrator and won the Lexérius price. She runs her own comics blog. Her field of artistic investigations also includes fresco and textile sculptures.

Each creation is an opportunity to tell anecdotes of her life with derision and humor, respecting her famous motto: “shame and for show at the same time.”
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Juan Sanchez-herrera


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