The Wheel Of Fortune - Pegasus2015 by Cai Vail

From Humble Beginnings to True Potential

Pegasus, the handsome, white-winged horse, is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology. He is a symbol of wisdom, beauty, and power and has been a part of a poetic story since medieval times.

Pegasus is the son of Poseidon and the Gorgon, Medusa. In the beginning, he was wild and untrained, but over time, Pegasus learned his true potential through the help of the hero Bellerophon and their many journeys together. He appears in many of Greek stories, assisting in a variety of epic battles including the fight against both the Chimera and the Amazons.

As a symbol, Pegasus embodies the concept of transformation from humble beginnings, rising up and accomplishing his true potential, then giving back to the things that need his energy the most.

When receiving the Pegasus card, a person may be at any stage of their own “Pegasus” story. In the case of a person that has achieved their potential, this is a card of gratitude and of giving back to those in need of inspiration, education, or assistance. This is also a card of charity, donations, and volunteer work. In Pegasus’ story, a spring of water now issues forth from where he steps, nourishing the land where he is present.

Reversed, this card indicates a person may be acting pridefully, or flaunting the benefits of their new status. The energy this person “gives back” may be doing good, but their motives are hazy.
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