Disasters series2013-2014 by Carlos Aires

Disasters is an on going series started in 2013 made of real banknotes and photographs taken from mass media. “Money is the only link between all catastrophes and disasters generated by humans, including many of the seemingly natural ones. The value of money once was the amount of precious metal that the coin contained, and the value of a banknote was related to the amount of gold that the country possessed. Currently it is still a piece of paper with a specific value fixed by a global agreement. While notes are not entirely of the person who possesses it, is a loan from the Bank of the country. Therefore, the destruction of a note is illegal because it is not entirely in our possession. This seems absurd, besides surrealist. This series comes from all these ideas together. The banknote comes from the same country of the photos in the collage.” (C. Aires)
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