..American realist painter whose career began over 40 years ago .... Murphy's [works] created solely through direct observation, are highly detailed depictions of people, objects and spaces. Using natural light, her meticulously composed setups are often rendered at a scale larger than the original subject. One painting can take several years to complete. Murphy has said of her work that she is trying to "slow things down" in her paintings, that "my paintings are not about that one moment of seeing. My paintings are about time passing... [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_Murphy_%28artist%29]

... the sort of painter whose work makes you see the world as a huge Catherine Murphy painting, or a grand missed occasion for a Catherine Murphy painting. After you stare at one of her canvases, you may find that every pebble, every pine needle, every hank of wig hair and plastic trash bag will declare and insist on its beauty, its form, its own individual life. Her bright, warm, expansive personality gives hardly a clue to the obsessive, uncompromising maniac who devotes years to a single painting—sometimes working on each canvas for only the few hours each day when the light is absolutely perfect.... [Incl. interview w/ Murphy; http://bombmagazine.org/article/1885/catherine-murphy]

... Always in hot pursuit of what she sees—subjects so commonplace and underfoot that other painters working in a parallel vein would not think of looking at twice—her subjects have become more memorable to me as the years pass: a balloon floating against the ceiling of a girl’s bedroom; a bathroom... In these and many other paintings and drawings, Murphy transforms the bedrock bleakness of our daily life into something unforgettable.

Good interview: http://www.theartroomonline.net/search/label/Catherine%20Murphy
Video: http://painters-table.com/blog/catherine-murphy-object-information#.VSq102bZX9
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