Charles Demuth

"Paintings must be looked at and looked at and looked at. No writing, no talking, no singing, no dancing will explain them." Demuth

A larger-than-life figure who is remembered nearly as often for his wit as he is for his paintings, the bold and insatiably curious Charles Demuth wasn't just a product of America's transformative early twentieth century; he was one of its archetypes. Demuth was a principal member of the Precisionist movement that emphasized sharp lines and clear geometric shapes. Challenging the boundaries of race, class, sexuality, and artistic tradition, he digested the shifting social landscape around him and left behind a memorable body of work that defies categorization. Read more at

Demuth was a precisionist painter whose body of work, 900 paintings in total, are still admired today. Amidst a changing industrial world, Demuth and many other artists of the time wished to paint freely and create "art for art's sake". Demuth's and William Carlos Williams offered inspiration between each other, as.... (

Charles Henry Buckius Demuth (Nov. 8, 1883 – Oct. 23, 1935); American watercolorist who turned to oils late in his career, developing a style of painting known as Precisionism.

"Search the history of American art," wrote Ken Johnson "and you will discover few watercolors more beautiful than those of Charles Demuth. Combining exacting botanical observation and loosely Cubist abstraction, his watercolors of flowers, fruit and vegetables have a magical liveliness and an almost shocking sensuousness."

....Demuth's will left many of his paintings to Georgia O'Keeffe. Her strategic decisions regarding which museums received these works cemented his reputation as a major painter of the Precisionist school.

....He died at his residence in Lancaster at the age 51 of complications from diabetes. (
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