Charles Hoffbauer

France/america / 1875 - 1957 / wikipedia
Charles Constantin Joseph Hoffbauer (June 28, 1875 - July 26, 1957) was a French-born artist who became a United States citizen. He painted a wide variety of subjects, including many that depicted scenes of historical interest. (Wikipedia)

...a prolific, French-born artist renowned for his historic murals and paintings, in addition to the impressionist New York City street scenes which brought him considerable success in America.

... born in Paris on June 28, 1875; at the age of 17 enrolled at the École National des Beaux-Arts where his peers included Henri Matisse, Georges Rouault, and Albert Marquet.

...fellow artist Arthur Hoeber describes his admiration for Hoffbauer:

"One feels he has caught the spirit of American progress; caught much of its practicalness [sic], with not a little of its vitality, for these pictures of our city are sui generis and they fairly exude American bigness and bustle, the sense of accomplishment despite great obstacles."

Hoffbauer’s career took an interesting turn in 1935 after he watched Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs, which inspired him to pursue film animation. He considered the United States to offer the greatest potential for success in this field and in 1936, Hoffbauer made the decision to move to New York. The artist believed that there was an existing void in the realm of film animation that he could fill by dramatizing historical events.

... His success as a muralist and painter during the 1940s and early 1950s was monumental. (
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