Seven Faces of Amadeus Daberlohn by Charlotte Salomon

Seven faces of Amadeus Daberlohn through the eyes of enamored Charlotte.

...Irony and sarcasm were the sheet anchor that helped Charlotte not lose her mind in rethinking her whole life after her grandfather’s words about what she really was. She gives pseudonyms to the real characters of her life, and they sound comical even without translation. Her adorable stepmother Paula became Paulinka Bimbam, the stepmother’s singing teacher and Charlotte’s first love Alfred Wolfsohn was named Amadeus Daberlohn. The couple of her grandparents has received the terrible name Knarre.

...since the described in the Life? or Theater? series love story between her and Alfred Wolfsohn almost completely took place in the girl’s head. While this view of the events was a complete surprise for the hero of her novel; in his own words, he only regarded Charlotte as a difficult teenager, who had...
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