Faith (mural fragment) by Chris Lebeau

In the period between the two World Wars Chris Lebeau painted all the walls of the Old Catholic Church in Leiden (Netherlands). Pixelpolder photographed them all in June 2012 in a photo-shoot of 8 hours. In total 170 photographs -in high resolution- where supplied to Dutch Heritage. What you’re seeing here is a fragment of Chris Lebeau’s work called ‘Faith’. The two men in front -- Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti -- were executed in the USA at the time Lebeau was working in the church (NY Times article:

The next two men – you see only theirs heads- are Vladimir Iljitsj Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi. I’m uncertain about the man in the blue suit. It might be Michael Bakoenin, a famous anarchist. (
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