Chris Nissen

A nationally known award winning American artist from Philadelphia, PA, principally known for his landscape paintings. Compelling compositions, intense colors, and lush paint surfaces, are the trademarks of his work. For the past 25 years, this American artist has painted throughout the US. ... The artist graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1980 and has been painting continuously since than. He currently resides in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, PA and maintains a studio in Moorestown, NJ. His style has often been described as "painterly realism" and his paintings continue to be highly charged with spontaneity and energy. These landscape paintings are usually highly colored and very broadly painted. The expressive brushwork and fluid use of paint lead to the creation of lush paint surfaces that often separate his work from much of the landscape painting that exists today. Over the years he has continued his to implement his vision of the landscape creating a large body of work.

Chris Nissen often paints his panoramic scenes from a great height, with the strong diagonals of a highway or river dramatically dividing the composition. Whether working on location or from sketches and memory, his spontaneous use of strong color and a loaded brush helps him to express his deep feelings for the American landscape.

Nissen has been busy preparing for his upcoming solo show at the Gross McCleaf Gallery, but he agreed to take some time out to answer my questions. In this interview he talks about the painters he looks to for inspiration, his forays into abstraction as well as a few interesting experiences he's had while painting on location. He discusses some of his favorite artistic experiences, such as the time he was invited into Andrew Wyeth's studio for a chat.
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