Christoph Van Daele

The challenge of abstract painting is to create meaningful images that people can communicate with, connect with and find a story in. The aim is to reconfigure the abstract elements in a credible way so that they become believable.

Through my creative process I seek to find something new, to reveal hidden emotions and give them tangible form with color. While painting, there is no separation between intellect, emotion and act. Through gestural arcs of colour and spontaneity I manipulate the canvas’ surface, building a harmonic stratum of vivid colour, line and texture.

I consistently challenge myself to produce exciting developments in composition, methodology and technique. Through passion, deep conviction, and directness and openness in communication, I aim to captivate the viewer long after the exhibition is over.

My inspiration for my abstract work I get mostly from the work of Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Leon Berkowitz , Ad Reinhardt and Mark Rothco ... all top artists which let the color tell it's story... Sometimes also called Color Field Painting... It is my great and secret dream to ever walk in their footsteps ...
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