"'At first I make very quick, very rough sketches ­ tiny little things about the size of postage stamps, three by four inches or so. Then I develop them, getting more conscious of the design, of the formal elements, and becoming more specific.' - Christopher Pratt, 1970

Christopher Pratt is one of Canada's most respected painters and printmakers.
... born in 1935 in St. John's, NL, but spent many boyhood summers in the Bay Roberts area.

A strong sense of place permeates Pratt's art, and he explores many themes: Newfoundland's physical landscape and distinctive architecture, the ocean, boats, interior spaces, socio-political realities affecting the province, and the human figure. He works primarily with oil paints, watercolours, lithography, and silkscreen, but occasionally uses other media, such as woodcut and collage.

...He continues to work from his home in St. Mary's Bay."

"It’s a big country out there, a fact easy to forget when cities crowd the agenda with their problems and hold on to how we imagine the future. In his landscape paintings of the past decade, Newfoundland painter Christopher Pratt has never forgotten the scale of the land we inhabit. His paintings have vanishing points that draw the eye to deep horizons. The sky lowers, temperatures cool—they aren’t pictures of vacation spots but rather places where work is done, where the economy transforms into built structures key to moving resources from the land to urban markets. This Atlantic Realist has a canny awareness of how landscape can embody a mood into vistas of promise or neglect. Together with Alex Colville, he has extended the tradition of Canadian landscape painting to register the imprint of late modernism and its entry into the global space of the 21st century." http://canadianart.ca/must-sees/christopher-pratt/
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